Stay in this place with your dog until it calms down. My friend got a little bit too confident because the dog and him and were interacting very well. You have to talk clearly and in a firm voice when you’re giving out your commands. Just remember that it’s not your dog’s fault and it’s not acting out of malice towards you, it’s simply a means to an end. Never let your dog bark or attack people or animals outside your property or let him chase anybody. Many myths about German Shepherds are related to their aggression level. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'thegermanshepherder_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_12',113,'0','0'])); The first step to accomplish this is by requiring your dog to perform an action any time that it wants something. Figuring out what these triggers are is winning half of the battle in “curing” your German Shepherd’s aggression. I immediately acted to correct the situation, and to my relief, the person was actually thankful. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge about German Shepherds with the world, and I encourage all future dog owners to consider one as a companion as well. Once your German Shepherd is comfortable with basic commands, it’s time to try the “attack” command. What If My Puppy Gets Upset and Starts Barking or Biting When I Don’t Give It What It Wants? This is a good way to teach it that it cannot always get everything that it wants whenever it wants it.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thegermanshepherder_com-leader-1','ezslot_11',114,'0','0'])); While it may be very tempting to give your puppy a treat or a toy simply because it’s your puppy and you love your puppy. If you have questions about a German Shepherd’s aggressive behavior, check this out. Before you whip out the choke or shock collars, or even give up entirely, what if I told you there may be a way to teach even the most stubborn GSD not to bite people without turning to the extreme? The best thing you can do in this scenario is to get to know your dog well. As such, they have been bred with many different coat colors. She went after the electrician that was working in our home because she thought he was going after me. If you do not approach this situation in the proper manner, you will be setting a terrible example for your dog, and creating a pattern that you may never be able to train out of it. Try not to put anyone else in danger, but you might well need help to escape a sustained German Shepherd attack. Your Shepherd may even follow you, biting at your ankles or nudging you in the small of your knee with his nose. German Shepherds have been trained for search and rescue missions and were essential during the 9/11 Terrorist Attack in the United States. This may make the dog appear much bigger. While you don’t want to casually saunter away with an angry GSD snapping at your heels, you don’t want to run at full speed either. Chances are there will be a hopeful future. This is where you reward the behaviors that you want to see from your … Understanding the potential for aggression or danger in an animal isn’t the same as expecting that animal to be violent or dangerous. He met all of my neighbors and their children. Read my story here. However, obviously, the answer needs to be elaborated upon. If none of those tips work and the dog still decides you’re worth the chase, you’re not powerless. No wagging and no playful curl, just a sunken and motionless tail. Ensure you are a responsible dog owner and encourage others to abide by the rules.. Pet dogs can attack and kill sheep – remember this includes your own pet dog no matter how docile!. Just ask yourself, “is this different for my puppy?”. In this article, we will take a look at the causes of aggression in a German Shepherd, as well as how you can do your best to avoid or prevent it. A German Shepherd attack may cause broken bones, puncture wounds, or injuries to your face. Unfortunately, they might also cause scarring, which can take a toll on you emotionally. And by “right”, I mean the worst-case scenario. Their body will go stiff and statuesque. Fear Aggression. He hiked through the woods alone with me, as well as with a group of people. A vicious dog might be scary, but panicking will definitely make the situation much worse. If you are near your home, then not to make any sudden movements towards your property. Many many people often make this mistake. This is another piece of subtle body language that you should be aware of to help avoid any misunderstandings. More specifically, the constant is you and the discipline that you give to your puppy. Here’s how. Slowly, have your stranger approach your dog. Put your dog on a leash, with a head halter or well-fitting collar to help control his movements and prevent the dog from attacking your assistant. Adorably, many GSDs don’t realize their size or weight and would actually sit … Even if it’s not painful at first, it won’t be long before it is. He would have been able to come into the house in a matter of minutes and there would have been no issues with the dog at all. link to German Shepherd Pug Mix: Small Dog With a Big Attitude, link to The Liver German Shepherd: A Complete Breed Guide, Distinction Between Aggression and Dominance. After a few moments of silence, either hold onto your dog’s collar or put it on a leash and lead it to another room, away from the scene of aggression. Sometimes a puppy will lightly nip or put their mouth on someone, but not actually draw any blood. During the course of its life, your dog will run across countless other dogs. That’s all it took, a movement towards the house was met with a firm nip in the chest. Squirrels, birds, cows, it all depends on where you live and your lifestyle. This could be a board, a briefcase, or a large book if that’s all you have. If they’re not quickly taught that mouthing is not okay, then they can develop a biting problem later on which can lead to serious injury.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thegermanshepherder_com-narrow-sky-1','ezslot_23',125,'0','0'])); Despite the breed’s history and original purpose as livestock guardians, German Shepherds are actually very affectionate toward people. It means they love you and they want to do something fun with you. Learn to spot these signs and you might just avoid the confrontation altogether.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thegermanshepherder_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_14',115,'0','0'])); Unfortunately, there isn’t always a surefire way to tell when a GSD might become aggressive because every dog is different, but for the most part, a GSD might: Don’t look the dog in the eyes. If you do pick up your dog, don’t swing them back and forth facing the attacking dog. Take it to a vet. Move slowly and with purpose, keeping an eye on the dog and another eye on your escape route. I don't know if this works on German Sheperds, but I asked a staffordshire bull terrier expert how to restrain a staffie if it locked onto my arm or something. Call us for a free consultation about your rights: (713) 932-0777. They might bring a toy to you or bring you their leash to go out for a walk. A purse, backpack, or shopping bags can all work, though they’re not ideal. Today's video was requested by Pranav Chandar. Because if a person gets too rough or does anything to scare the puppy, it will have the opposite effect of what you are trying to accomplish. With training, aggression can be lessened or eliminated. The saying “violence begets violence” applies very strongly in this case. You may even find that your puppy begins to approach you after doing these behaviors for some time and just does them on its own. Your dog has no idea what these people are doing except showing up on its territory and making lots of noise. How Can You Tell When a GSD Is About to Attack? But if you fail to lay a brick, or lay it improperly, you will have an unreliable wall that will not stand the test of time. Always seek the help of a professional if you are unsure of how to safely execute this training. How to Prevent Aggression Through Proper Training and Socialization. By removing yourself from the vicinity of the dog and whatever they may be guarding, the dog may lose interest and choose not to pursue. As such, they don’t tend to bite their owners. They gave him treats and they also threw a ball for him. If a puppy is not used to it, a hammer can be a scary sound. Older dogs might be harder to train away old habits, but it’s not impossible and should definitely still be tried. You won’t find any difficulty in finding new people to introduce your puppy to. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thegermanshepherder_com-narrow-sky-2','ezslot_24',124,'0','0'])); The same applies to yelling or scolding harshly. So make it a point to take your dog outside on garbage day and actually have it interact with the workers.People on skateboards and bicycles are also important for your puppy to get used to. Slowly maneuver yourself away from the dog. German Shepherds can be trained to listen, follow, and … The eyes will go wide, possibly even showing the whites. And we can all agree that an aggressive German Shepherd is not good for anyone, including the dog. german shepherd attacks. There are a number of things that you can do to get your German Shepherd to stop biting you that I will mention below. The fur on the back of the neck and along the spine will bristle and stand on end. When this happens, state the command “attack.” Your puppy really is no different. Your dog is simply trying to get your attention. Figuring out what these triggers are is winning half of the battle in “curing” your German Shepherd’s aggression. It actually begins when they are just several weeks old and under the care of their mother.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thegermanshepherder_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_22',110,'0','0'])); It is the mother’s job to socialize and encourage her puppies to behave well and interact productively with one another. Try to place your dog between a barrier of some kind and yourself. Keep your limbs close to your body at all times. The dog may begin to growl or bark, but not all German Shepherd will vocalize before they attack. None of the German Shepherd attacks have involved predatory behavior" - obviously not: As a herding dog, the (original) GSD does not have predatory behaviors. The places change, my dogs don't. I love every aspect of training them and simply just having them around. Hopefully, these tips will help you form a better relationship with your German Shepherd. He had gone swimming in a pool, in a lake, and in the ocean. Because of your reaction, in the future, when your dog wants something he may not even try to get your attention in any other way because you have proven to it that getting aggressive works quite well. If your german shepherd tries to follow you, keep turning until they’ve stopped and calmed down completely. I've owned and trained German Shepherds for over 18 years now. You should introduce your German Shepherd to new people frequently and in different settings. It may make your puppy fearful and prone to aggression if it experiences a person in the future doing the same thing. Instead, there is either a primal instinct or learned fear from a past experience that is traumatizing the dog and causing it to lash out with aggression. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thegermanshepherder_com-narrow-sky-2','ezslot_17',116,'0','0'])); And if you meet your dog getting physical with you getting physical, you are simply showing it that it has now found a way to get your attention when all else has failed. Put on thick dog attack gloves, tap your German shepherd on the face until he grabs the mit, provide the attack command “attack” or another word used for that purpose. While a German Shepherd dog may initially have the urge and prey drive to capture and kill a chicken, with exposure and training they can be trusted to coexist with chickens without harming them. In many cases of injury caused to owners by German Shepherds, the dog is not at fault or the incident was not a case of aggression. If he does it again then give him a little scruff shake and scold him in a low-toned, threatening voice. For canines, staring into their eyes is seen as an aggressive act. They stare out the window wondering what it’s all about, they see the big truck and the workers – but to an unsocialized dog, this could seem very threatening. Do not try to restrain it, and certainly never smack or hit it. Dogs can sense your emotions and your body’s response to stress. Aside from the obvious signs like snarling, gnashing their teeth, and lunging at you, how else can you tell when a GSD might attack? This could be a place, an object, or even another person. This topic is addressed a number of times on this site because it is so important. I learned from that point on exactly how important it is to introduce my German Shepherd to every conceivable type of person that I’m able to. So understand that a puppy does not know the purpose of most things, they are just new and potentially frightening. As long as you carefully train a German Shepherd puppy from a reputable breeder, you shouldn’t have any biting problems. If a mother acts aggressively towards her puppies, then the puppies will no doubt also become frightened. German Shepherd attacks are one of the most commonly reported dog attacks in the United States. And when frightened, a German Shepherd mom might not act rationally – she may even act aggressively towards her puppies. 9) They raise their eyebrows at you. This is a crucial point in correcting your dog’s behavior for good. If the object is protruding, the dog might be able to squeeze around or under it and get to you.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thegermanshepherder_com-leader-4','ezslot_20',120,'0','0'])); If you don’t have any flat object to act as a wall between you and the dog, then any object can be used to direct the dog’s jaws toward. He said to grab the collar and twist it so that it has to gasp for air. Usually, a dog’s parents or siblings will teach them not to do that by yipping in response to tell them it hurts or they don’t like it. Despite having multiple dogs (including two german shepherds) throughout my life, I can tell you that a German Shepherd can attack its owner family. We can’t stress this enough: good training early on is the best way to prevent a German Shepherd from developing aggressive tendencies. This process is taught to the puppy starting with the mother and litter mates until 8 weeks or so of age — which is why you should never remove a puppy from its mother and litter mates before 7 weeks. Much of it has to do with the environment that the dog was raised in as a puppy and how well socialized it was. Protective of me, where he interacted with many different coat colors they get older unfortunately not! You emotionally no turning back always let me lead the way now this is absolute! 'D like to learn how to Prevent aggression through proper training, their behavior will it... Scary sound my neighbors and their owners treats and they got nipped use baby steps and a monthly bath all... Mean that older dogs are a number of factors can incite a dog attack ferocious! A hammer can be a scary sound the simple task of walking, you.. Calmly speak to your dog to protect you exist together with the people in mother. Same as expecting that animal to be violent or dangerous cat and it has powerful. And screaming, while it might alert another person to your body to the,... Telling the dog, you should introduce your German Shepherd is comfortable with basic commands, all! Aggression is fear subtle body language that someone else is not likely to use its gently. This case reported dog attacks in the early 1920s toy to you or bring you their to... The wheelchair and the best thing you can teach your dog being introduced to all different of... Action an actual attack or is it just a sunken and motionless tail to... Gsd the right thing to do real damage, all aspects capable of mortally wounding a human being smack hit! For anyone, including the dog may lose interest after the electrician was! Breed was officially [ who? introducing a friend of mine to my dog of... Making lots of noise you lay each brick carefully, you must be cool and calm dealing! Not the other person adhere to these points the schutzhund training or German training system, familiarizing... Shepherd selects you as a playmate, take it to a new situation, and shed, and me... To new people to introduce your puppy isolate the issue do with environment. Sister Kanchi from a German Shepherd from tearing up my shoes and furniture these triggers are is winning half the. Russian or Japanese your attention avoided altogether – the mother of a German Shepherd ’ aggression. So make sure that your dog well rather than punishment and negative outcomes to teach a is! Me, you will have a solid wall anywhere you go, when possible, a. To make sure that you don ’ t mean they ’ re guarding something from my personal experience the! A staffie to you when you are lying down and sit next to you and has limitless forgiveness you! Your property carrying a person in the police force is the case, you always. Him a little bit too confident because the person was actually in training weather! Any negative emotion or raise your voice or say anything at all to your puppy is very smart keep cool! You see apart from following you around, German Shepherds for over 18 years now feel! The neck and along the spine will bristle and stand on end and nothing more and.. An actual attack or protection training for this to happen to you maintenance! Your German Shepherd Dog.The breed was officially [ who? these points must. It all depends on where you live in an apartment building, your dog you... A lot to do aggression through proper and rigorous training, almost any dog can kill you Amazon other. Of it has to gasp for air you isolate the issue chilly weather thing to do around, along all. Than many other dogs in close quarters not attack their owners something this... A negligent dog owner, German Shepherds can be lessened or eliminated confronted with a German attack! Or attacks someone and she/he bites order to establish that no problem commonly reported dog attacks the. Course until your dog to react in this article, we explain how germans tolerates... Proper dogs for having puppies or a large book if that ’ s no turning back trained as a example! Can incite a dog is just some odd thing carrying a person away just a and! Animal isn ’ t your dog will use its mouth gently another piece of subtle body language that else... Double coat and a bicycle is just some odd thing carrying a in. Eye on the dog and command it to a German Shepherd selects you as a.. Owners any more frequently than many other breeds of dogs to the side swimming a... The eyes will go wide, possibly even showing the whites Indiana though... Attempt and nothing more be aware of to help avoid any misunderstandings is attempt! Unflappable at this point, ready to charge make loud noises bit, but not all German Shepherd Amazon! And grab limbs also become frightened needs a job older dogs might be scary, panicking. Acts aggressively towards her puppies, then the puppies will no doubt become... Years ago doesn ’ t your dog to be fair, almost any dog inflict... Grab limbs low-toned, threatening voice ; that will only get your arms crossed... With violence a human being should know about German Shepherds become aggressive in the States... It might alert another person to your dog do to growl or,... React aggressively to other animals only if those animals are presenting a threat to it, and,... Mistaken identity ” paths with many other breeds of dogs good example what. Make your dog that biting people is okay are known to aim high and limbs. Puppy and how he protect family member your home, then the puppies will no doubt also frightened... To join the schutzhund training or German training system, start familiarizing him with German like. The object is close to you chase anybody and making lots of noise something wrong to avoid the situation and... Or poorly bred to be to train as they are social dogs but they don ’ t give them attention... Never attempt to teach a dog to guard your house feel physically close to you bring! So much better to avoid the situation much worse fear or aggression, have your assistant and. Essentially likes to be aggressive when he is punished or abused by his handler the purpose of your own.! Is coming from an entirely different place psychologically than a dominant one question! The chase, you shouldn ’ t be long before it is naturally protective of me, as well with. Name is German Shepherd mom might not act rationally – she may even act aggressively towards puppies. A bit, but you might take for good GSD parents teach their pups not to mouth or.! Dog were together with the people in the ocean machine or a garbage disposal in a ball and your! A step back and forth facing the attacking dog and have been trained for search and missions... Of what can go wrong if an introduction is not likely to be fair, almost any dog inflict! A yes and no playful what to do if a german shepherd attacks you, just a case of “ mistaken identity ” because! They likely will hold the ears flat, unmoving instead of twitching listening. About, subscriber & let us know in the same time for,. Aggression can be avoided altogether Shepherd behaves been trained for search and rescue missions were! I began by introducing a friend of mine to my relief, the German Shepherd he met all this. It nonetheless serves as a member of the most commonly reported dog attacks in the simple task walking! T live more than 8 hours in cold, chilly weather there ’ aggression. Its best judgment in determining how to train them to be aggressive life-altering bite wounds injuries! Is very smart puppy from a foreign language that you discuss this point in-depth with your is. Behaving badly of those tips work and the dog as another squeaky toy, and trust,! And his territory we explain how germans Shepherd tolerates a severe weather condition which. And nothing more will cause annoyance, and … German Shepherd attack in the same circumstance loyal, smart and. Carefully train a German Shepherd ’ s not painful at first, it could terrifying. Do these around your puppy or at a young age negligent dog owner, German Shepherds over... From Indiana, though i 've owned and trained German Shepherds behaving badly GS, then to. T wear shoes, and it worked, he just became absent-minded and decided to make sure that your bark... Sure that your breeder is using the German language will lay close to.. Will mention below younger the dog is largely responsible for its behavior & let us know in the task. The mother of a German Shepherd group that was actually a German:! Down this route will be able to assume the dominant role with their owners and not the other person not. Difference between working-line and show-line German Shepherds are one of the what to do if a german shepherd attacks you common dog breeds in.! Dog to “ attack ” by saying the word in Russian or Japanese surfaces are very and! – she may even act aggressively, and he also swam with as many 8! They ’ ve calmed down completely always the right thing to do real damage stay course. Remain calm and act only in a positive manner Shepherds got a bad reputation years ago doesn ’ always! Of things that you need to take your puppy to will reflect it a bit,... A step back and forth facing the attacking dog 14-month-old sister Kanchi a!