Plasterboard fixed properly will take the strain. In no time at all it will work loose. There are a variety of fixings available for hanging objects on plasterboards, but when you hang heavy objects on plasterboards you can't use ordinary wall plugs. Refined Renovations. The very best stud wall fixing will be stronger than the plasterboard which then becomes the limiting factor. Plasterboard Fixings – When hanging anything heavy from a plasterboard wall, it is always better to use more fixings than you might normally need. Best/ strongest fixings for very heavy mirror to go over fireplace into plasterboard wall. Once you've done that, hanging a heavy object like a large mirror, television or work of art becomes a safer and simpler task. It can be fairly easy to choose plasterboard fixings. Plasterboard Fixings . A special setting tool (RAWAT88) is available for fast repetitive fixing. Corefix provides a quick, easy and reliable solution to a long term problem. Just writing to see if I can find the best practice on fitting heavy objects to the walls in my new house. Our plasterboard fixings include a fantastic range of low priced, high quality hollow wall anchors and plasterboard fixings for heavy objects such as spring toggles. What is a plasterboard: A plasterboard, also known as drywall, is a building material. These are by far the better fixing to use with plasterboard though you may want to be careful when using on a sloped ceiling. One of the questions I get asked regularly is how to fix heavy items such as a TV to plasterboard or drywall. Ideal solution for hanging TVs, Shelves, Radiators, Mirrors and Cabinets to Plasterboard Walls. qty. As the title says I have a heavy mirror (12kg) that needs fixing to a wall which is plasterboard which is against breeze blocks (with gap inbetween for insulation) What’s the best fixing to make sure it stays up and takes the weight as I’ve seen some long fixings that I guess go into the breeze block but need recommendations too. Summary. or hollow material (brick, breeze block, plasterboard etc. A heavy object like a TV screen may require finding studs in the wall and fixing long screws into the studs. Using four plasterboard fixings instead of, say, two fixings, will greatly help to spread the load of the wall unit, shelf, etc, and therefore reduce the chance of the fixings pulling out of the wall. Save for later ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ( 17 ) Product code: 67983 Rawplug DRA02 Metal Self Drill Plasterboard Fixing 4.5 x 34mm £6.98. Fixtures can be removed and re-fitted, eg: when moving radiators or for redecoration. How to screw to plasterboard walls, for hand rails, shelves, cabinets, flat screen TV's etc. Sort by. Once through the hole, the triangle bounces back, fixing the toggle in place. SEQUAL® Metal Driva Plasterboard Fixings & Screws Metal Self Drilling Plasterboard Fixings Raw Plugs Cavity Wall (50 Pack) 4.4 out of 5 stars 834. How to use: The triangle part collapses so that it can be pushed through a pre-drilled hole in the plasterboard. This range is suitable for a variety of materials including concrete, blocks, brickwork and stone. Filter (0) Categories. Our range is offered for a selection of loads capacities, and offered by top trade brand that you know can be trusted for their quality products. Plaster board is too brittle to hold a screw alone, so if you are hanging a picture frame, TV or a canvas ensure you pair it with the correct fixing. Who has experience of using anchor bolts, an We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features. (e.g. Heavy Duty Plasterboard Fixings, Toggle Bolts, Self Drilling Plasterboard Fixings, Cavity Fixings & Hollow Wall Fixings, Hollow Core Doors, Masonry Wall Plugs, and even secure fixings for Thermalite - whatever your fixing application, there's a TOGGLER ® anchor that will not only work, but excel in its application. Specification: Material: Carton Steel Color: Silver Size: M4 x 32mm Weight: 0.075kg. Back to top. Metal plasterboard fixings that feature a sharp serrate ...Read more. Fixings should be selected according to: the base material, whether it is a solid (concrete, stone, etc.) fischer offers different plastic fixings and metal anchors for various panel building materials. 50 Pk. Metal self-drive plasterboard fixing. collection. Use For: Plastic toggles are ideal for bearing heavy loads and should be inserted at the top of the object being fitted to the plasterboard. 99. However, this isn’t always possible, especially if there’s an exact location you want something hung and there’s not a stud behind it. This hollow wall anchor failed at 30kg when the plasterboard ruptured. Plasterboard Fixings (79 products) With a large range of dry wall fixings available it is important that you work out which is most suitable for your project and safe for your home or workplace. Plasterboard fixings are also sometimes known as drywall fixings. Our heavy duty plasterboard fixings include anchors, perfect for making sure the items you hang are safe and sound, whether pictures, cabinets or any other number of heavy wall-mountings. 0. Hollow Wall Anchors. Choosing a wall fixing to suit your needs. WallMate™ Plasterboard Anchors. It must add an inch to my requirements. When moving radiators for re-decoration) using a standard slotted or pozidriv screwdriver. Whether you are putting up cabinets, frames, brackets or other heavy items on your internal or external walls. Sort by Code: 537260 View. I find my usual screws are not long enough to cope with the distance of the plasterboard and cavity behind it. In no time at all it will work loose. Top of the content. Choosing plasterboard and drywall fixings . Worth bearing in mind - with the best fixings in the world, there's a limit to how much weight the plasterboard itself will support; it's not the strongest material in the world :-) For anything that's got a fair bit of weight to it, I'd always advise fixing into the studwork behind the plasterboard. The wall plugs do expand as you screw into them, but the plasterboard is soft and the expansion simply widens the hole you have put the plug into. Copper pipe is sometimes used to sleeve the fixing to tie the plasterboard into the block work behind although once again this requires extra work and can be quite time consuming if a lot of fixings are needed. ex. Best Answer. Fixing plasterboard to a ceiling can be a bit more difficult since you are working over your head. Before hanging a heavy object, use a stud finder to locate the ceiling beam. Where you find a competitor's lower price on the same stocked item, we'll beat it by 10 % Excludes trade quotes, stock liquidations, commercial quantities and MarketLink products. Recommended for f ...Read more. I've used these for attaching towel rails to the wall and to hang chandeliers from ceilings where access to the void is impossible. 6 6 Answers from MyBuilder Bathroom Fitters. I also thought about the rigifix fixings but as all shower screens I've seem require two holes close together I can't see them working, but could be wrong. Can't go into the studs. Super Strong Plasterboard Fixings! ; Installing a fixing will almost always require the use of a drill, except when working with plasterboard or in certain other cases. Can be secured using slotted or pozidriv screwdriver. BP Fischer FWB - M8 x 60mm P . It consists of a sheet of plaster covered with heavy paper on both sides; it is used to line the inner walls of houses. FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £20.00 . Heavy Duty Fixings (75 products) When securing heavy loads you will need to make sure the fixing is suitable for the job. Filter results Clear all Category. This M4 x 32mm plasterboard fixing screws fix heavy objects securely in hard materials. Easy to Use Heavy Duty Plasterboard Fixing Anchors. The walls are plasterboard which is attached to the breeze block behind using metal brackets. Ideal heavy duty fixing for roller shutter doors, fire doors, steelwork, security grills, machinery, pipework-duct work supports.Read more. qty. Fixings reliant on the strength of the plasterboard alone may not be suitable to reliably fix heavy items. The wall plugs do expand as you screw into them, but the plasterboard is soft and the expansion simply widens the hole you have put the plug into. Menu. The Ramset™ Hollow Wall Anchor is an all metal, light duty, cavity fixing for plasterboard and other hollow wall materials up to 38mm. Step 1 Move the stud finder over the plaster wall across the spot where the heavy object will hang. Ideally, you want to hang heavy things from your walls by using the studs as the anchor. £9.99 £ 9. These are some of the standard fixings, but may not be enough for heavier objects. Visit your local store for the widest range of building & hardware products. The various product functions allow a secure and permanent fixing in … The fixing to walls and ceilings made from panel building materials and in cavity floor slabs requires special plugs. Screw and Support Incredibly Strong Weights and Loads up to 113kg. The screw and fixture can be removed and re-used. There are a variety of fixings available for hanging objects on plasterboards, but when you hang heavy objects on plasterboards you can’t use ordinary wall plugs. High performance cavity fixings, ideal for fixing heavy objects securely on soft faced partition boards, plasterboard, hardboard & plywood. Fixings & Fasteners Wall & Floor Anchors Wall & Floor Anchors 585 results for Wall & Floor Anchors. However, fixing objects on drywall is a little bit of a challenge. Get it Monday, Jan 4. The next time you’ve got a home improvement project which calls for fixings with plenty of strength, shop our heavy duty wall anchors. Select from 2 variations. Measure from the center of your item to the parts of it that attach to the ceiling, then pick a spot on the beam and make marks around it representing those measurements. Pre World War Two. mattm88_77. These are probably made of lath and plaster. They have usually a m6 or m8 bolt with a couple of butterfly wings, which close together while passing thro the fixing hole in the wall then spring open in the cavity. Use the filter to the left to help narrow down your plasterboard fixings search. I was thinking of plasterboard anchors but they don't appear to be designed for use with tiles as the need to dig into the plaster. Plasterboard Fixings. Find Zenith 10kg SureHook Plasterboard Insert Screw Picture Hanger - 3 Pack at Bunnings Warehouse. If you think manoeuvring large sheets into place is going to be too much of a challenge, you can always enlist the help of a pro. Lath and Plaster. delivery. Mark the spot with a pencil. There are several different ways to get good strong plasterboard fixings when attaching things to hollow gypsum / drywall plasterboard (also called Gyproc) and stud-work walls. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. Drywall construction became popular as a time and labour saving alternative to traditional lath and plaster. The unique Gripit wings fold out in small cavity spaces to create a vice-like grip and distribute weight more effectively than conventional plugs or fixings. Some of the walls in older properties will be hollow internal non load bearing walls. More buying choices £9.28 (2 used & new offers) Best Seller in Anchors. This means the fixing is not reliant on the strength of the plasterboard. VAT £5.82. When finder passes over a nail, the magnet will react. Unique Gripping Wings Distribute Weight More Effectively. First, weigh the object you want to hang. The best fixings for such a cupboard would be spring toggle ones. );; size (according to plug type and the weight of load). Fixing plasterboard can feel like a daunting project. Mechanical anchors for fixing to plasterboard and other cavity or hollow wall applications. Gripit Plasterboard Fixings are designed for use with all types of plasterboard installation.