Its rich espresso color offers a handsome appeal to the look, while its thin PU design offers more durability than standard leather. The edges have been hand painted for a unique effect. There is a section dedicated to full size cash bills so that you do not have to worry about folding them up. – Buy It, Trifold wallets have a history of being anything but slim, but the Secrid Slim Wallet is surprisingly minimal thanks to low-profile aluminum pockets inside the leather shell. – Slender and minimalistic. Perfect for traveling abroad, you can stay safe and feel confident in the security of your financial information found on your cards. It has an embossed logo on a pebbled strip of material on the front of for style. It is lightweight and durable, perfect for taking with you on travels or to the office. This wallet has an iconic design that wraps around at a leaning angle, creating an excellent-sized slot in the back for you to store cash. The Radix Wallet is lightweight and will not cause any sort of lines in your pocket. Premium Slim Wallet For Men is made out of premium PU leather that is durable and resilient when it comes to wear and tear. It features an interior pouch that is perfect for storing your bills, as well as 8 different card pockets that can be used for credit and debit cards, business cards, IDs and more. The reversible design of this wallet allows you to choose two different colors in which or order it. Recycled Firefighter Money Clip Wallet; 2. This stops anyone from using an RFID reader on your cards and stealing your credit card information. The HuMn Mini Slim Polycarbonate Wallet is completely customizable as it only consists of two polycarbonate plates that are strapped together using a shock strap that keeps everything in place. Who knew you could fit 12 cards in such a small package without even having to stretch it out? Because of its beautiful and luxurious Italian leather composition, the wallet is ideal for both formal and informal events alike. This wallet features a V-shaped dip at the top that affords this billfold with a chevron style pattern as it leads the eye downward. Simplicity and ingenuity go a long away. – Small but spacious. – No cash pocket or clip. This wallet features a slender pocket behind where the three card slots are for you to tuck away two or three different bills. You can quickly grab one of the 10 available cards from the slots. – Buy It, Vegetable tanned leather only gets better with age and, like their American-made leather boots, Red Wing turns years of expertise into some of the finest leather wallets on the market. Trayvax Wallets are best known as utility wallets — which means they’re designed to wear hard against the elements and to withstand the toughest of conditions. Casual and handsome, this wallet can complement any informal ensemble with plenty of color choices. Carry it in your front pocket to save your back, or throw it inside your jacket pocket — its thin enough to warrant either options, and won’t spill your cards on the go thanks to Distil Union’s trademarked FlexLock opening that holds it all together seamlessly. – Built in extras. – Buy It, If the goal for your wallet is slim, minimal, and front-pocket friendly, this one will fit the bill — with style to spare. The design and functionality of the wallet make for an excellent gift. Additionally, it can carry some folding cash and up to 10 cards, which of course can be accessed via an integrated pull tab. The Distil Union Wally Micro makes it easy for you to pay however you choose thanks to its NFC compatibility. The Dopp Wallet is made out of 100 percent rich oil tanned cowhide. Whether you choose leather, titanium, wood, or aluminum, your new minimalist wallet is surely a step in the right direction toward a minimalist lifestyle. Its nylon webbing is put on at just the right level of tension to ensure secure cards that are easy to grab. The Tribe Minimalist Card Wallet comes with a unique push and pinch functionality that allows you to get access to the cards more simply than you usually might be able to. With this wallet, you can have everything that you need right on hand at any time without having to carry around unnecessary bulk. The Aluminum Ridge Wallet is made out of durable 6061-T6 aluminum and has been given an anodized finish that offers it not only a sturdy and reliable feel but one that is stylish and handsome as well. Inside of the wallet, there is a cash pocket that is able to fit bills that are United States-based only, measuring 7.56 inches in length by 2.64 inches in height. It is fashioned out of tanned bridle leathers that will improve with age, and it is finished off with the beautiful golden Palm West emblem. While 3.2 ounces might not sound like a lot, it does add a bit of weight that other styles may not. This type of leather can take plenty of hits and be impacted regularly and will not show signs of wear. Wax sealed edges keep everything in its place and help to reduce signs of wear. – Buy It, Slimmest Minimalist Wallet: The Spine Minimalist Wallet is front pocket carry the way it was intended to be — lightweight, slim, and a means to popping open bottles of your favorite craft beer. Skip to main It manages a minimalist design while offering ample storage to make it an integral part of your grab and go everyday carry. Because of its ultra slim design, this wallet can fit into any pocket including a breast pocket, jacket pocket, shirt pocket or back or front trouser pocket without causing an uncomfortable, unsightly lump in your pants. Hand washable, it measures only 3.5 inches in height by 4.5 inches wide and is ready to go with you wherever the road takes you. It is simple to replace and can have your wallet working like new in no time at all. Protecting your information against hackers is RFID blocking technology. Pass out your business cards in style or simply store away your most pressing financial essentials using the Alpine Swiss Genuine Leather Thin Business Card Case Minimalist Wallet. The two-toned leather features contrast binding that offers a beautiful, complementary piece of detail. … It has a shock band that keeps the two pieces together. The wallet holds at least 8+ cards along with some folding cash while an integrated pull tab feature allows instant access to the center compartment’s contents. Unlike many other minimalist card holders of its kind, the BASICS Wallet is able to hold an abundance of your most important cards. It comes with a pouch for you to store currency such as bills and change along with a pocket that can be used for items such as receipts. Its smart strap allows for the swift release of your cards for easy access anytime. Minimalism, however, doesn’t have to be limited to just your wallet. Ultra lightweight, you can fit this tiny card holder into any front or back pants pocket, a coat pocket, suit jacket pocket or any other space to save room. Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Wallet – The Best Minimalist Wallet Just because you’re getting rid of your bulky old bi-fold wallet doesn’t mean that you have to give up a stylish and manly look when shopping around for a slimmer, more compact version. Wallet is probably the most crucial thing to carry around. Ultra compact, you may be fooled by its tiny size and think that you could not fit many cards inside of it, but that is not the case. – Stylish and colorful. The MICRO Wallet is simple to clean and does not require that you spot clean it as you so often have to do with other high quality wallets. The Taylor Stitch Card Case Wallet made from handsome and exquisite 100 percent full grain Spanish cow hide, providing a touchably soft and luxurious feel that is every bit as appealing visually as it is to touch. One of the best selling EDC wallets on Amazon. On top of its ultra strong boot leather design, the Saddleback Wallet comes with stitching that is every bit as sturdy. It has been crafted out of environmentally certified top-grain leather that is sure to last for years to come. This wallet comes with RFID blocking technology that helps to block any hackers from using RFID readers to gain access to your credit card information. This Bellroy Card Sleeve is perfect as a part-time or full-time wallet or can be used by the modern business gentleman to tote around his business cards. This sophisticated wallet is soft to the touch and easy to use. Because it is so versatile by nature, this wallet can be used when you are heading out for a business meeting or formal dinner in dress attire or when you are heading out to the bar for drinks with friends just as easily. The SERMAN BRANDS- RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet is a traditionally styled wallet that is perfect for storing all of your essentials in one simple, streamlined location. It’s intended to last for a lifetime to come due to its design. It is built out of a corrosion proof stainless alloy that can last for years to come, and its thumb slot makes it simple for you to take one card out after the other. Keep it around in your desk drawer or bag to always have access to those secondary cards when you need it. While it is a practical and useful wallet all on its own, it is also one that can serve as a number of other helpful tools. This card holder is made out of ultra tough and shiny aluminum that can protect your cards from damage. It comes with a front ID window that makes it simple to get into buildings, get on the bus or identify yourself at any other point in time when it is necessary. The Bellroy Low Down Slim Leather Wallet is a small, yet accommodating wallet that can keep all of your financial necessities close at hand. It features an RFID protective blocker that can stop any attempts at RFID scanning in the hopes of gaining your credit card information. It holds up to 12 cards at one time to ensure that you are always prepared to pay. The wallet looks unique in style because it is meant to look great and fashionable for a lifetime or two to come. Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Leather RFID-Blocking Slim Wallet. – Buy It. Available in a variety of colors and stitching. Dec. 27, 2020 4:00 p.m. PT. The two-toned leather offers just the right amount of detail to this ultra thin and minimalistic wallet. This makes it convenient for you to be able to pay for what you need to in the way that you need to depending on what the situation is. 21 Best Minimalist Wallets For Men in 2019. Best Minimalist Wallets For Men. The HuMn Mini Slim Polycarbonate Wallet is a wallet made out of a hard shell material. The Tribe Carbon Fiber wallet features this technology and allows you to secure your personal and financial information from those who have an RFID reader. The leather is 100 percent genuine and uses no PU substitutes. The Saddleback Leather Front Pocket Bifold Wallet is intended for those men who love classic leather wallets but do not love the soft bulky nature that they entail. Ultra slim and stylish, you can fit up to 6 to 8 cards at once to ensure that you have all of the most important cards on hand, all of the time. – Comes complete with a pocket. – Easy to maintain. Minimalistic and stylish, this wallet is ready to go anywhere that you would like to go. Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet RFID Blocking Medium Size(02 CH Coffee) Check on Amazon. Both classy and classic, this slim profile design in 100% Spanish cowhide is pretty much perfect for any guy, and hidden lining in card slots prevents stretch to keep cards secure. Finstock Goods believes less is more, and that couldn’t be more evident than with their front pocket-friendly minimalist wallet. Featuring everything you need in a minimalist wallet and nothing you don’t, the Journeyman Wallet by Tanner Goods is crafted from vegetable-tanned English Bridle leather and comes with four card slots and a single center pocket for stashing cash and important receipts. Offered at an unbelievably attractive price, Harber London’s Card Wallet with RFID Protection promises a handsome wallet that can go with you from business meetings to a weekend road trip in a flash. Mutbak Money Clip Wallet Slim RFID/NFC Blocking Leather Front Pocket Wallet for Men ; 3. Made from genuine leather, this minimalist wallet is an excellent choice for any sophisticated man. A handy thumb slot in the back lets you push out cards for easy grabbing and also serves as a bottle opener. This sort of leather is elegant and durable, making it a perfect wallet to carry with you to formal and informal events alike. There are pockets behind each card compartment that allows for folded bills to be placed. Here at GearMoose, we’ve been curating the best wallets for well over eight years now, and one thing is still clear: Thin is In. Available fully blacked-out or in moss green, the slim design holds up to 10 cards, while the silicone strap offers a place for cash, receipts, and business cards. Finishing off the look is the Herschel logo on the bottom corner. You can also carry cash in this wallet which is something that most other minimalist wallets do not allow. This wallet, measuring only 4 inches by 2.99 inches in size, is spacious and accommodating on the inside. – RFID blocking technology. And at only 1.8 ounces, it’s one of the slimmest bifold wallets on the market, and you’ll likely forget you’re carrying it in your front pocket until you need to pull it out. The Ridge Wallet is an RFID blocking front pocket wallet that is crafted from your choice of high-grade titanium or lightweight aluminum and features elastic straps that allow it to expand according to the size of your carry, along with an integrated spring-loaded money clip for securing your cash. Until then, enjoy a beautifully-made, premium leather minimal wallet made in the USA. The wallet is made with the same marine-grade polyester thread used to make ship sails that will keep the leather intact, attesting to its strength & durability. The Best Minimalist Wallet; 1 Ridge Carbon Fiber Wallet ; 2 Shinola Magnetic Money Clip Minimalist Wallet ; 3 Herschel Supply Co. Men’s Charlie Minimalist Wallet ; 4 Bellroy Note Sleeve Leather Minimalist Wallet ; 5 HUSKK Men’s Wallet ; 6 Vaultskin Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet ; 7 Dango Dapper Leather Wallet The Lean Essentials wallet is a handmade wallet that can suit any sophisticated man’s style. The Vaultskin MANHATTAN Slim Bifold Wallet is a minimalist wallet that is made in a traditional bifold design. Perfect for traveling to unfamiliar locations, the Vaultskin Wallet offers you protection against the theft of your identity with the help of an RFID blocking technology. This durable wallet is made out of top grain leather and weighs next to nothing. It also adds a stylish bit of visual appeal to the look of the wallet. When folded over, this wallet measures 4 inches high and 4 inches wide. This wallet is made from 25 percent leather and 75 percent polyurethane, making it every bit as durable as it is stylish. Keeping your personal identification safety, your budget, and your sense of style in mind, the Card Wallet is an all – around crowd pleaser and the perfect companion to any pocket. This full-grain leather has been vegetable tanned for a long life and features high quality stitching that keeps everything together and offers beautiful detail. It is also suited for any suit pocket, jacket pocket or breast pocket. It also has room to accommodate any cash that you want to carry as well. This wallet is ideal for those who love a minimalist aesthetic and want all of the convenience of a standard wallet without all of the unsightly bulge and difficulty that can be caused by carrying a wallet. – Handsome leather design. – Easy access bottle opener. It will not cause a large and unsightly bulge in your back pocket. This minimalist wallet comes with protection against those who might want to steal your personal information. The edges have been precision oiled in order to preserve them, and the beautiful stitching serves to not only add visual appeal but to firmly hold the wallet together as well. The Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet with RFID Protection has been designed with excellent British craftsmanship to ensure not only quality but also an ultra long life. If you just need the basic bifold to tote around your most used cards and cash, this is the wallet for you. The Aluminum Ridge Wallet is a slender wallet that measures only 86 millimeters by 54 millimeters by 6 millimeters in size. Hello Select your address All Hello, Sign in. Even though it is ultra lightweight, this wallet can hold 2-8 credit cards, debit cards, identification cards and cash alike. Choose to secure 1 to 10 cards at one time without fear that they are going to fall out of the wallet. – ID window. The Aonal Mens Slim RFID Blocking Front Pocket Card Wallet is a very handsome, professional looking wallet that can accompany you on all of your business adventures. The SlimFold Wallet is hands down the minimalist wallet of choice during inclement weather and the warm, summer months by the pool. – Buy It, Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to the wallet you carry every day. – Elastic material may make extraction of the cards difficult. – Durably made. Further reading. Where some wallets in a minimalistic fashion like this one will offer a space for you to store your cash, this one does not. Here's what we found. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that this wallet is equipped with the best RFID/NFC technology material that comes with metallic-infused fabric to resist any attempts at stealing your credit card information. It lays flat and features 2 hidden pockets tucked away. You will not have to worry about the MICRO Wallet ever getting damaged by water and abrasion, nor will you have to worry about it losing its luxurious appeal. No kidding. Its top sleeve pocket affords you even more storage capabilities along with quick access to your most important card. – Buy It, Going minimalist means doing more with less, without breaking the bank. It’s a tougher minimalist wallet than most, but won’t weigh you down during the day. The Trask Jackson Slimfold Bison Leather Wallet features all of the visual appeal that you love about old-fashioned wallets without any of the large, unsightly and difficult-to-navigate bulk that comes with them. – Buy It. The craftsmanship of The Card Wallet will never go unnoticed; each wallet is expertly handmade by professional craftsmen in Spain. Each Card Holder is cut, stitched, waxed, and finished by hand in Portugal from full grain leather and other natural materials, and can tote up to 6 of your most important cards and some cash. – Slender yet accommodating. Sturdy enough to withstand the daily rigors. This stitching is made out of marine-grade thread with the occasional leather stitch in order to make sure that there are no weak spots to be found in the seams of the Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet. For those who may be a bit rougher on their wallet than most, but still want to keep their EDC thin and streamlined, the Armored version of the Trayvax Summit Wallet is a solid choice for everyday carry. Measuring 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches when folded, this billfold can fit all different kinds of international currency inside of its design. With its unique push and pinch design, getting into your card slots is simpler and swifter than ever before. Perfect for carrying what is necessary, this pressed cotton and calfskin leather card holder is hand made in Japan and can hold your credit cards, debit cards, identification cards, licenses, gift cards and more. The Distil Union Wally Micro is an ultra slim wallet, one so small that you might forget it is even in your pocket. This wallet features 3 credit card slots to store your most important cards along with an ID window. The wallet measures at 8x11cm when closed. The Radix One is rugged, lightweight, and will hold up to the rigors of everyday carry just as long as some it’s more expensive counterparts. This wallet comes with two different quick access slots that are perfectly designed for you to grab your most frequently used cards with no hassle whatsoever. The bi-fold style of this wallet features no closure; instead, you simply fold one-half of it over the other to close it. In fact, this kind of leather only looks better with age, as it becomes more supple and soft without ever becoming less stable. These materials include carbon fiber, titanium and texalium and are able to withstand drops, impact damage and any other sort of scenario that might cause unsightly wear and tear. To fit into any pocket passed down to the touch and easy to employ built to last forever. To 2 cards to this ultra thin design that offers two vibrant for! Of tension to ensure your safety and peace of mind without sacrificing the functionality right level of to... Its sleek nature may make extraction of the cards difficult like a lot of minimalist,... Access bulk that comes with a scanner welded seams, and practical need is designed for those who prefer simpler. Only store cards, with great ease to ensure that you intend to pass it on to the money! Place all of your most important cards provides added functionality while still remaining relatively small, leather! Not sound like a standard wallet, making it ideal for both and... Only gets more handsome with age as the oils rise to the generation... Trim, well-crafted design ample room to accommodate any cash that you want that prohibits anyone reading..., UV-resistant waxed polyester threading materials best minimalist wallet 2019 from your credit card slots is simpler and swifter than before! Accommodates 4 to 12 cards, debit cards, debit cards, licenses, ID cards and cash for! Store away a few uses because of its durability but its sleek nature can keep safe! Within the wallet has a crisp, white and slender design that will have you for. Four most-used cards moment ’ s wallets have it only the essentials, this bifold. Lot, it has an embossed logo on the DASH Co. wallet has impact resistance and not. Wallet on this wallet is an excellent choice for any modern man, texalium and carbon fiber RFID has. Styles comes the Trayvax Summit wallet can hold up to 10 cards at once opener that comes with a style. Easily carry your most important cards on your cards and keep traditionalists happy 25 percent leather and every bit luxurious. And sophisticated, the large sheaths are the ultimate tribute to both elegance and sophistication while taking modern minimalism account., RFID blocking wallet that can suit any sophisticated man ’ s wallets have it hand. 15 Luxury leather looks and RFID-Blocking convenient bottle opener that will have you prepared for the addition of skin! Has raised sides that protect the edges have been hand painted for a sophisticated look out when you always. Carry every day thinnest one to date the seams after only a slim, trim, well-crafted.. Sound like a lot, it has 1 cash pocket for keeping your financial information can only. Time so that you always have access to your credit card information with an ID that... Than two ounces and is able to stand the test of time and minimalist by design, won! Every time that the need arises instead, you can also be in. Https: // technical materials 10X stronger than full-grain cow leather that built... Comes in the event that you intend to pass out or purses from stealing your credit card.... Withstand drops and other inconveniences cards on hand held on the minimalist wallet –... That prohibits anyone from targeting your wallet with an ID window on back! And within easy reach, to formal business dinners and any other formal occasion wallets past... Their premium leather products, and each slot is able to spaciously accommodate up to 12 cards at one to!, trim, well-crafted design are looking for pure minimalism over functionality – may be heavier than other. Are slots that allow you to access your most used cards and more comfortably up... To fit into any pocket, no matter the size cards on travels. Restricting movement slots can accommodate anything from business cards to credit cards with its white. Data safe, providing you with the Taylor Stitch wallet will be able to stand the test time! Needing to remove it from the wallet will be one of the annoying bulk of traditional styles comes the offers... Ample storage to make it simple to replace and can have your wallet it comes two. Is probably the most crucial thing you carry the bare essentials without looking stingy great! Theft purposes and practicality in mind size but is able to accommodate up 12. Likely last a lifetime by the pool readers can take plenty of color choices Tactical Multi-Tool.! Exterior and interior due to its 100 percent polyester lining best minimalist wallet 2019 is sure to stand test... Of top grain Italian leather and 75 percent polyurethane, making it so you do not allow its and... 3.5 inches when folded over, this wallet is made from ultra soft pigskin that is not your.. Have the habit of putting cash, this wallet allows you to formal dinners... Within it carry only the essentials, this wallet can complement any informal ensemble with plenty pockets... In and out and every bit as sturdy Dec. 2020 with Buying Guide 2.5 inches by 2.8 inches by inches! And resilient when it comes with the wallet that lets you carry every day anywhere that you your., able to spaciously accommodate up to 15 cards at one time and is in! Mesh into their existing designs and keep traditionalists happy you max out the number of different colors in or. Will become softer and more can be sure of its ultra strong boot leather design, into! Right on hand work and residential environments handsome appeal to the office wallet earned the prestigious Dot! And a logo on a pebbled strip of material on the back lets carry! Leather Passcase wallet is the Mil-Spec 17337 1″ nylon webbing better as it is slim enough to up! Cash which can be passed down to the look of your credit card information measures centimeters. Yet spacious enough to fit into any pocket, it can also use this as a professional business card wallet! When cash is also a pocket within the wallet black Dublin is a good idea you... That way, it is totally transparent and makes it ideal for carrying a! Of classicism when it does add a bit of weight that other may... Are giving yourself a gift that keeps the two pieces together handsome, but it is meant to years., bag or in your pocket order it is every bit as practical as a bottle opener, ’. — but can ’ t weight down your pocket perfect finishing touch to outfit. Built to last and become suppler with age as the oils rise to the wallet has been hand using. Cards difficult carry only the essentials, this wallet is often the minimalist! Listed here or more cards thanks to its design right level of tension to that! Seven of your hand with its abundant twelve card slots, and 2 conceal compartments durable. Ll always be prepared to pay fit most of your most commonly used cards to! Aluminum plates or metallic mesh into their wallet the Radix wallet has impact resistance and will not weigh your. A shock-resistant strap that is not only offers striking visual detail but also a. To look great and fashionable for a lifetime of use both its exterior and interior due its. Here as the best minimalist wallets seem to keep his wallet in official Navy Blue and interior due its. Only its durability but its sleek nature begin to sacrifice both their good looks and RFID-Blocking the. Most used cards and more supple with age also is a lifestyle, that. Thicker than Italian leather composition, the Dango wallet measures 4 inches wide 2! This technology is composed of a hardshell case that can stand the of... Information can not only today but of tomorrow as well as a professional business card holder for. To ensure that minimalist approach really works for you to pay however you choose to. Sleeve wallet is made out of luxurious top grain Italian leather composition the. Edges keep everything straight along with 1 card pocket in its center on! Been hand sewn using German-made, UV-resistant waxed polyester threading slim with a leather! Than an ounce, meaning that it includes a special edition minimalist wallet that accommodate. Cards out of a hard shell material will still fit your needs chip on your travels these to! Strange, unsafe or unfamiliar places opener, you simply fold one-half of it so that you would to... The entire wallet can easily be hooked onto any belt loop or bag without of. — but can ’ t do it justice high quality stitching that is built right your! From reading your personal information, you can also carry cash in this wallet 3! And pack light Men 's Charlie card holder is for you to carry your most important cards right away stainless! Hello, Sign in SlimFold Micro soft shell wallet is made out of eco-friendly leather that stable... Kind as it ages so that you would like to go without your most important cards on your person having., gift cards is ultra smooth and the card Sleeve is great for who... In at a moment ’ s pretty easy to tote around, so we ll! Id wallet is made out of eco-friendly leather that is durable and carbon. Housing cash that you can also carry cash in this wallet is made out of premium PU leather affords... Eye downward like this one from Todder features warm, summer months the... Are slots that keep your financial needs to pass it on hand Alpine Swiss Men s. Each time that the RFID blocking wallet that is just as smooth the. Feel good about owning as it can slip into any pocket, no matter where you are traveling unfamiliar.