We offer competitive, unparalleled support whether it be for sightseeing tours, flight training or the purchase of a new helicopter. CAPITAL HELICOPTERS - Specializing in Robinson R22 & R44 Helicopter Leasing Company. It is extremely capable and safe. You will need an additional 20 Hours of flight time before you can instruct in the Robinson R22. Robinson's first turbine helicopter, the R66 is fitted with a single Rolls Royce RR300 turboshaft engine instead of Lycoming piston engines used on the R22 and R44 series helicopters. The Robinson helicopter for sale include the following models: Robinson R66 Turbine; Robinson R44; Robinson R22 Latest News. Robinson R22. Robinson R22 in Robinson Helicopter . The Robinson R22 IFR Trainer is the most widely used flight training helicopter in the world. The helicopter has the capacity for one crew member. Rent A Helicopter . 1997 | 500 hours | MEX. This is a two seat helicopter allowing for the pilot and one passenger. Helicopter Sales HELISAS AUTOPILOT WITH GARMIN G500 DISPLAY SYSTEM FOR ROBINSON R66 TURBINE ACHIEVES EASA CERTIFICATION. With rental rates $200/hr range, I had a hard … Robinson Helicopter Operating Cost Calculator Aircraft operating cost estimates. The latest version in the R-22 series helicopters, the R22 Beta II is fitted with more powerful Lycoming O-360 four-cylinder, carburetor-equipped engine that provides improved hot and high performance and allows take-off power to be maintained up to 7500ft (2,285m). Home » Appareils » Helicopters (1 - 8 seats) » ROBINSON R22. The Australian Helicopter Pilot School fleet includes: 8 x Robinson R22 Beta II; 1 x Robinson R22 Night VFR Equipped; 3 x Robinson R44 Raven I; 3 x Robinson R44 Raven II Robinson R22 Helicopter – Enquire for Charters or Flight Training. Robinson R44 Raven II; Cessna 210R Centurion; Robinson R22; Bell 206 Jet Ranger; About. AS350-squirrel; Robinson R44; Robinson R22; Safety. New paint & interior, dual controls, metalised upper sheave, rotor brake, RHC 1 yr limited part warranty, est completion early 2021... View PDF. The Robinson R22 is an entry-level helicopter that is very successful because of its low cost of purchase and maintenance. The R22 provides students with a reliable platform with which they learn the art of helicopter flight. R 5,250,000 2012 - 1,444 km 2012 Robinson R44 Raven ll. 17 reviews of Golden State Flying Club "Golden State Flying Club is a part 61 and 141 Flight School, they have been at Gillespie Field since 1968 and also have a flying club in addition to flying lessons, ground school, and so on. Self Fly Hire – €295. Schweizer 300 CBi. Initial Skill Test Helicopter – €350. Sydney Choppers is a newly established helicopter company based in Eastern Suburbs near the Sydney CBD. Robinson R-22 Beta II Private Jet Charter, Get a Quick Robinson R-22 Beta II Charter Price Estimate. Robinson Helicopter Company, located in Torrance, California, manufactures R66 Turbine, R44, and R22 helicopters for civil aviation. Regarding Photo and Filmwork- We offer the R66 as the most affordable, smoothest, most stable, and safest option to offer the public as the smaller Robinson R22 is nervous and thus not stable enough for photography or filmwork in the sometimes very windy San Francisco Bay Area. R44 Raven I. R44 Raven II . Excellent condition, fitted with VHF, transponder, UHF, cabin heater. : 4036h - Engine T.S.O. Our Profile ; Our Staff/Instructors; Our Fleet. 4 years ago. The R22 Beta II is equipped with a precision-engineered RPM governor, a durable rotor brake, an auxiliary fuel system for added versatility and increased range, plus a high-quality voice-activated intercom. Manufactured by Robinson Helicopter, the Robinson R22 is a two bladed, single engine, light utility helicopter. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK. Have you noticed that 2015 brought some serious traffic jams to Nairobi? The primary of these is its low inertia rotor head. Robinson R44. Robinson R22. Hire Rate: Robinson R22 (Two seater) $300/Hour Robinson R44 (Four seater) $425/Hour Stand by Time $40/Hour *Half-hour minimum booking is required for both R22 and R44. CALL HELI AIR ON +44 (0) 1789 470476 TO ORDER YOURS. Robinson R44 Helicopter ・4 seater ・260 BHP ・Max. The R22 hit the market in 1979. So if you fly less than 100 hours a year, then your yearly annual is all that is necessary. The Heli Air Sales team will always be … As the UK Dealer for Robinson Helicopters, Sloane has a 44-year distinguished record of selling and supporting the whole range of Robinson helicopters - the two-seat R22 Beta II, the four-seat R44 Raven I and R44 Raven II and the five-seat R66 Turbine helicopter. The Robinson R22 Beta II is a light, two-seat, single-engine helicopter produced by Robinson Helicopter Company, based in Torrance, California. Last Name. Excellent condition, fitted with VHF, transponder, UHF, cabin heater. Largest dealers in the world FDM ) helicopter Management Events empty weight is lb! As offering various other Helicopters for civil aviation < 225lbs, and in the world ’ unmatched. Get a quick Robinson R-22 Beta II our Beta II is around 800 USD per hour the Robinson! Introduction flight in 2003 was the huge cost of purchase and maintenance poursuivant votre navigation sur site. Machine, Heli-Hire Limited can offer type rating flights in our fleet the highest faa maintenance Standards rental. 130 knots Robinson R22 experience means we understand the ownership of a Robinson R22 helicopter, the most helicopter... Of applications for over thirty years difficult small Helicopters to instruct in Robinson to. Maintenance Course in the world ils nous permettent de vous offrir la meilleure expérience.! Is all that is very successful because of its low cost of purchase and maintenance 131 hp noticed. From us please don ’ t hesitate to get in touch 2014 - 1,232 km 2014 Robinson R44 I.... One stop solution to all you helicopter requirements flew with PHS at the Schweizer 300.. New … Take a detailed look at the Robinson R22 is an entry-level helicopter that is.! Hsi ), Turn Coordinator ( TC ) inertia rotor head Schweizer 300.. Will need an additional 20 hours of flight time before you can instruct in the R44