The Colt design is rock solid and has been around long enough to be a proven performer. Convert your standard mil spec AR 15, M4, M16 lower assembly to use 9mm and .40 S&W Glock Magazines! Shoulda went with 1/2-x28 but what do I know?  ...                                                     Gun Point Custom... Sign up for exclusive email, special offers & latest news. The good thing about 9mm barrels is they don’t have to be very long to be very effective. It’s light, half the cost of carbon fiber barrels. Their high price is due to the carbon fiber sleeve and the fact they are a match grade barrel. I say that, but at the same time, I own a 9mm AR with a 16-inch barrel. What kind of barrels do you want for your 9mm build? Your source for quality firearms AR-15. For the price these barrels are hard to beat, especially considering their lightweight and quality.   Travis Pike is a Marine infantry veteran, firearms enthusiast, and NRA certified instructor. Well, we all do, unfortunately, with the may the current laws sit building an SMG is a great way to catch a cage. From Gun Point Custom Shop. He is interested in helping folks protect themselves with firearms and shoot better at the range. If you mixed affordability, lightweight design, and a stainless steel barrel chambered in 9mm you’ll get the Lead Star ultralight 9mm barrel. It weighs a mere 19.7 ounces and gives you a full sized rifle at a very lightweight. Let’s say you wanted to build a carbine or AR pistol for something like the PCC division os USPSA. Gun Point Custom 9mm AR15 BCG Ambidextrous Billet Machined Stripped Lower & Upper Receiver Set for the...   Plus barrels are button rifled and provide near match grade accuracy. Get the best firearms reviews for new hunting rifles, shotguns, ARs, and handguns, and learn how to shoot more accurately in the field. From Gun Point Custom Shop. Sale Price - $124.95. If you mix the two, toss in Glock or Colt magazines and you get one hell of a combination. Night Sights. These parts have been engineered by CMMG to work together in harmony to maximize the reliability and durability of your 9mm build.See More They are rifles with a 1-10 inch twist and made from 4150 chrome moly vanadium. These lightweight barrels are match grade designs will give you quick and easy transitions from target to target. Take a look at our complete hands-on review of the 5.56 BFS Carbon Fiber Barrel! Good barrels for cheap, what more can you ask for! It does boast a compact 3-inch barrel, which makes it optimal for concealed carry. The Colt barrel is perfect for going with an old school build with the A-frame front sight. Gun Point Custom Shop Jet-Hot Avenger 9mm AR15 PCC Pistol It will also affect accuracy, weight, overall how the weapon handles. The 9 AR Conversion Magazine is a modified PMAG that seats into your AR15 mag-well and holds […] Stainless steel makes an exceptionally accurate rifle and this would make one tack driver of a 9mm AR. Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets worth $47 FREE - Limited Period Offer, Palmetto State Armory: Heritage Rough Rider .22 LR 6.5" Revolver - $150 (Normally $180), Palmetto State Armory: PSA AR-15 Complete MOE EPT Lower - $280 (Normally $350), Brownells: Vortex Optics Spitfire HD Gen II Prism Scope - $450, Brownells: H&K AR-15 HK-Style Micro Sight Set - $150 (Normally $196), Egyptian Rifle Roundup! Perfect for conceal and carry or vehicle weapon. This mag will work in any standard M4 / AR15 / M16 //